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Le processus de découverte et de développement d’une molécule est complexe, long et couteux. Avant de prendre une décision sur l’offre qui répond au mieux à votre besoin, nous vous proposons des ressources scientifiques (posters, publications, webinaires) en ligne, nos dernières actualités (congrès, communiqués de presse) pour mieux nous connaitre et nous rencontrer. Nos experts sont également à votre disposition pour vous aider et vous accompagner dans votre programme de recherche et développement.

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Oncodesign Services and Veritas In Silico enter into business cooperation

Oncodesign Services and Veritas In Silico Inc. announced that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to respond to the needs of pharmaceutical companies seeking to develop innovative small molecule drugs targeting messenger RNA.


Five Reasons why you should switch to digital PCR (dPCR)

Digital PCR has enhanced characteristics over qPCR across both its Protocols and Applications, including higher precision and sensitivity. Learn more here.


[EN] Preclinical Models for the Identification of Chemotherapy Predictive Signatures in Pancreatic Cancer

Join the featured speakers to learn how they utilized preclinical models such as primary cell cultures, patient-derived xenografts, and patient-derived organoids to develop unbiased predictive RNA-based signatures.

Ressource Scientifique

Recent trends in drug discovery of covalent binders

Download the complete e-book on the role of boron and benzoxaboroles as reversible covalent binders to target the serine and threonine proteome.


Covalent drugs and the potential of benzoxaboroles

Molecules based on boron and benzoxaboroles are exciting as reversible covalent binders to target the serine and threonine proteome. In this blog, Christophe Parsy provides an overview of their potential to overcome traditional limitations in kinase inhibition, highlighting the exciting possibilities for future Drug Discovery.


Poster AACR Annual Meeting 2023

Discover our Posters presented in AACR Annual Meeting 2023!


Challenges and perspectives in the preclinical development of therapeutic agents against lung fibrosis

Pulmonary fibrosis is estimated to affect more than 5 per 100,000 people per year in the USA and Europe, without known treatment to slow down, stop or even reverse the progression of the disease. In this blog, Pauline Bornert examines the current knowledge about pulmonary fibrosis, and preclinical options available to develop new therapeutic solutions.

Scientific paper - Ressources

Preclinical evaluation of a chimpanzee adenovirus vector expressing a pre-fusion Spike (BV-AdCoV-1) SARS-CoV-2 intranasal vaccine candidate in golden Syrian hamsters

Download the e-poster and learn more about Chimpanzee Adenovirus vector SARS-CoV-2 intranasal Vaccine Candidate from Oncodesign Services.

Scientific paper - Ressources

New target identification and validation platform combining AI in oncology and preclinical pharmacology

The OncoSNIPE® project combines Ai in Oncology and Preclinical Pharmacology to develop a new identification and validation platform. Learn more here

Scientific paper - Ressources

DRIVE-Biologics: all the steps from discovery to development of novel biological therapeutics

DRIVE-Biologics aims to optimize your biologics therapeutics and drug discovery through stages of preclinical evaluation to clinical studies. Learn more here