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Oncodesign Services is a contract research organization specialized in drug discovery whose mission is to contribute to the discovery of innovative therapies against cancers and serious diseases with high medical needs.

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Patient Data
Our solution: Explore
  • Target Identification
  • Target Validation
Our solution: Drive-IDDS
  • Small Molecule
    including PROTAC
  • Molecular RadioTherapy
  • Biologics
Our solution: inpact
  • Oncology
  • Inflammation
Drug candidate
Our solution: Solo
  • POC Oncology
  • POC Inflammation
  • COVID-19
  • Pharmaco-Imaging
  • DMPK – Bioanalysis
  • Microbiome
Our solution: D-vlop
  • Toxicology
  • CMC
  • Clinical Protocol

Our Therapeutic Areas

INPACT Oncology, an integrated service in preclinical pharmacology applied to oncology and immuno-oncology


Since the inception of the company, we have been pioneering in translational pharmacology to study and treat cancer...

INPACT Oncology, an integrated service in preclinical pharmacology applied to inflammatory diseases


We have a big collection of preclinical inflammatory and autoimmune models, covering diseases of the skin, gut, lungs, kidneys, liver and more...


Infectious diseases

We have BSL2 and BSL3 facilities and local partnerships allowing infectious diseases models to be run...

Our latest resources

Our latest resources


Each Oncodesign shareholder will receive one OPM share for one ONCODESIGN share held

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Abzena x Alira Health x Oncodesign: unveil unique integrated solution with specialist services, from biologics discovery to clinical & commercial manufacturing

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