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The process of discovery and development of a molecule is complex, long and costly. Before making a decision on the offer that best meets your needs, we offer online scientific resources and our latest news to help you get to know us better. Our experts are also at your disposal to help and support you in your research and development program.

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Breaking Barriers in Oncology Drug Development: Unveiling the Potential of 3D Cell Models for Drug Discovery

Blog: 3D Cell models are revolutionizing Cancer Drug Development. Here, we present the main advantages to better understand tumor complexity


CADD: computer tools and chemists combine to make better drug leads

Sylvain Lozano, computational chemist, explains the important role these tools play in our drug discovery journey.


Why you should consider tumor microenvironment for cancer therapy?

Combination of TME-modulating therapeutic approaches may be required to overcome the resistance to treatments and prevent tumor recurrence.


[EN] Kinase Inhibitors for Inflammatory Diseases: Preclinical Development

Join the featured speakers for an informative webinar on unlocking the synergy in preclinical models and the importance of target validation for the personalized treatment of pancreatic cancer.


How to mimic long COVID for drug discovery?

Long COVID is a complex multisystemic condition still poorly understood. Using optimal preclinical models is essential to understand their mechanisms better and develop new treatments.


Oncodesign Services and Veritas In Silico enter into business cooperation

Oncodesign Services and Veritas In Silico Inc. announced that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to respond to the needs of pharmaceutical companies seeking to develop innovative small molecule drugs targeting messenger RNA.


Five Reasons why you should switch to digital PCR (dPCR)

Digital PCR has enhanced characteristics over qPCR across both its Protocols and Applications, including higher precision and sensitivity. Learn more here.


[EN] Preclinical Models for the Identification of Chemotherapy Predictive Signatures in Pancreatic Cancer

Join the featured speakers to learn how they utilized preclinical models such as primary cell cultures, patient-derived xenografts, and patient-derived organoids to develop unbiased predictive RNA-based signatures.