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The process of discovery and development of a molecule is complex, long and costly. Before making a decision on the offer that best meets your needs, we offer online scientific resources and our latest news to help you get to know us better. Our experts are also at your disposal to help and support you in your research and development program.

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Circle Oncodesign Services

BIO US 2024 – Oncodesign Services and ZoBio

Oncodesign Services and ZoBio will be attending to Bio US 2024 ! Fix a meeting now

COVID-19 | New vaccine
Scientific publication

How Oncodesign Services contributed to the Development of a New COVID-19 Vaccine

Oncodesign Services provided valuable support in bioanalysis and dosage for the development on new vaccine against COVID-19.

Scientific publication

Meeting with Patrick Jimonet (Medicen)

In this interview, discover how Patrick Jimonet led and united over thirty prominent international experts to develop proposals aimed at facilitating the integration of the microbiome into drug discovery. 💊

WEBINAR - RNA modulation with small molecule'

How to target RNA modulation with small molecule?

In this two-part free webinar series, we've assembled a team of leading experts who will delve into the intricacies of RNA modulation, explore its potential applications, and showcase real-world case studies.

Poster scientifique | Oncodesign Services

Examples of translational preclinical models to mimic cancer drug resistance

Resistance mechanisms are now well studied in vitro, based on mutated cell lines for specific resistance pathways. Discover our poster!

Poster scientifique | Oncodesign Services

Evaluation of checkpoint inhibitor efficacy in a humanized immune system mouse model lacking murine Fc gamma receptors

Humanized immune system (HIS) mice are critical immuno-oncology tools for evaluating antibody-based therapeutic target engagement and efficacy in a human-like context

Poster scientifique | Oncodesign Services

Intra-cranial administration of MTL-004, a promising post-resection treatment for glioblastoma

Gliomas (GBM), are exceptionally hard to treat, aggressive and genetically heterogeneous tumors. Read the poster to discover the case study!

Poster scientifique | Oncodesign Services

New technologies and capabilities supporting the development of novel Molecular RadioTherapy agents

Read our Oncodesign-Services' poster which provides cutting-edge technologies and products to support the development of radiopharmaceuticals for theranostics.

Oncolytic virus - Blog

Next frontier in cancer: deep dive into oncolytic viruses

In this blog, we pay attention in the development of oncolytic viruses (OVs) which destroy cancer cells and leverage the host immune system to enhance the effect.


Meet Pierre !

Discover the mission and daily life of Pierre, Study & Research director in Pharmaco-imaging department.