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The process of discovery and development of a molecule is complex, long and costly. Before making a decision on the offer that best meets your needs, we offer online scientific resources and our latest news to help you get to know us better. Our experts are also at your disposal to help and support you in your research and development program.

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Targeted RNA degradation: Principle and Therapeutic Promises

RNA, or RiboNucleic Acid, is a structured macromolecule which plays a central role in numerous cellular functions.

SOLO Microbiome - Services to understand its role | Oncodesign

Meet Marie!

Every day, as an invivo research technician, Marie participates in the in vivo studies and tests the effects of a new molecule or a new product. Discover her journey and learn more about working in a lab as a technician.


Breaking Barriers in Oncology Drug Development: Unveiling the Potential of 3D Cell Models for Drug Discovery

Blog: 3D Cell models are revolutionizing Cancer Drug Development. Here, we present the main advantages to better understand tumor complexity


CADD: computer tools and chemists combine to make better drug leads

Sylvain Lozano, computational chemist, explains the important role these tools play in our drug discovery journey.