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Bringing your drug to IND filing

After the discovery and proof-of-concept phases, the preclinical development of new therapeutic entities is a critical step for the regulatory approval of the first-in-man administration and the transition to the early phases of clinical trials.

Together with our partners Cynbiose, ERBC and PharmaLex, Oncodesign Services brings you advice and support to define and implement your pre-clinical and clinical strategic program in line with your requirements and those of the regulatory authorities.

D-VLOP addresses all the needs from start-ups, small to medium biotechnology companies that require expertise in the preclinical and clinical phases of drug development, but also large pharmaceutical companies with specialized development needs.


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The advantages of the D-vlop offer

  • Cutting-edge and well established technological platforms meeting the needs and requirements of regulatory development.
  • A holistic vision of the drug development process, knowledge of the state of the art and an understanding of the challenges of tomorrow.
  • An ability to set up an appropriate steering and project support structure adapted to your needs.