DRIVE-IDDS, integrated drug discovery services

DRIVE-IDDS: Drug Discovery Services

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An integrated drug discovery solution:
a complete continuum from target to clinical candidate

DRug Integrative discoVEry, a premium service from target validation to preclinical candidate for:

The pharmaceutical industry continues to face enormous challenges in its efforts to bring innovative therapeutic treatments to patients.

The high rate of clinical failure may be mediated in part by a better understanding of the molecular basis of diseases, and robust pharmacological proof-of-concept with demonstrated target engagement and efficacy data.

Open innovation in pharmaceutical R&D aiming to tackle these challenges has created new opportunities where, alongside pharma, biotech and start-ups, contract research and technological-based companies cooperate in a synergistic fashion, each partner bringing its scientific contribution and technical expertise.

Oncodesign Services has built a team of drug discovery experts to provide innovative solutions and accelerate your discovery process to deliver novel drug candidates through our offering – DRIVE-IDDS.

DRIVE-IDDS offers a comprehensive solution through the entire drug discovery value chain from target validation to IND-filing, aiming to deliver and accelerate the entry of high-quality new chemical and biological entities into the clinic

The advantages of the DRIVE-IDDS offer

  • An agile and flexible solution that works in stages from Target Validation to IND rigorously managed at Pharma standard of excellence
  • A collaborative culture rooted in the quality and the expertise of an experienced multi-disciplinary team of dedicated scientists
  • An efficient and proactive transfer of information, data, and technologies

For Oncodesign Services, the key is to succeed together.

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