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For more than 25 years, we have been creating new technological pathways to find and select the best drug candidates. From the beginning, we have always tried to establish a continuum between the target and the patients to qualify the potential efficacy of new treatments. We are pioneers in translational medicine, from Artificial Intelligence-powered target identification to new approaches to evaluate the efficacy of treatments, such as pharmaco-imaging. This is the story of Oncodesign which became Oncodesign Services in October 2022.

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Acquisition of ZoBio

This acquisition allows ODS to strengthen and extend its expertise and capabilities in the field of small molecule discovery.

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Oncodesign SA becomes Oncodesign Services

Oncodesign SA changed of name to Oncodesign Services. This is the last step of a process initiated last July aiming at the separation of the R&D Bioetch and Services activities

Financial Press Release | Oncodesign

ERES IV acquires a majority stake in Oncodesign Services

In October 2022, Oncodesign Services and Elyan Partners announce the completion of the acquisition of a majority stake in Oncodesign Services by ERES IV, representing 61.58% of its share capital.


Restructuration of Oncodesign

Oncodesign separates its business lines service and biotech including AI in 2 companies : Oncodesign Services & Oncodesign Precision Medicine


Acquisition of the pharmaceutical and biotech services activities of Bertin Pharma

Oncodesign acquired activities in metabolism, pharmacokinetics, bioanalysis and translational medicine, with 46 qualified employees in immunology and infectious diseases. This acquisition strengthened Oncodesign’s offering in the field of immunology and infectious diseases, as well as its capabilities in ADME, regulatory bioanalysis and biobank management.


Acquisition of the GSK site

Oncodesign acquired the Ulis Research Center, with 57 highly qualified employees working in drug discovery, specifically in medicinal chemistry, biology, in vivo pharmacology and drug metabolism/pharmacokinetics. This acquisition strengthened Oncodesign’s pharmacological platform and medicinal chemistry capabilities, enabling it to offer integrated drug discovery services from start to finish.



A Structuring Project for Competitiveness (PSPC) as part of the Investments for the Future Program (PIA) coordinated by Oncodesign was launched to develop and apply artificial intelligence techniques to cancer research. A missing link between target identification and patients, the OncoSNIPE program is used to guide new drug discovery programs in precision medicine.



Oncodesign went public on the Alternext market in Paris. The associated financing allowed to extend and accelerate our drug discovery programs in oncology and other diseases with large unmet need



In collaboration with 21 partners, Oncodesign launched a French consortium to develop new experimental models for eight oncology indications in order to improve the selection of effective diagnostic and therapeutic compounds.



Oncodesign targets kinases, a family of enzymes that play a key role in maintaining cellular homeostasis which, if dergulated, are linked to over 400 disease indications. Nanocyclix® is a proprietary medicinal chemistry technology based on the macrocyclization of small molecules to discover effective treatments for patients with unmet medical needs.



Oncodesign receives a €10 million grant for the IMAkinib® biomarker program in oncology. The French Innovation Agency OSEO is funding the 8-year collaborative project with the goal of improving cancer treatment through new specific radiotracers.



Created by Oncodesign, Pharmimage is a regional center of excellence for pharmaco-imaging aimed at assessing the effects of treatments and identifying biomarkers based on their translational efficacy for precision medicine. This complex located in Dijon, France, brings together hospitals, as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.


C.Re.M.E.C (Experimental Cancer Models Resource Center)

Oncodesign launched the C.Re.M.E.C (Experimental Cancer Models Resource Center) project, the first project approved by the Medicen competitiveness complex.


Creation of Oncodesign

Created in Dijon, France, by Philippe Genne, Oncodesign is a company serving the pharmaceutical industry whose mission is to select the best drug candidates in oncology.