Metastatic Models

Offering multiple preclinical metastasis models

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For most cancer patients, a primary, solid tumor can be easily treated with surgery. Many of these patients will eventually die of cancer but as a result of refractory reoccurrence and metastasis. For this reason, metastatic modeling remains an essential part of the oncology toolkit.

Oncodesign Services offers a range of metastasis models that vary by injection site, which address certain parts of the complex metastatic cascade, from generation of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) to tumor growth at a distal site.

The tumor burden and dissemination of metastatic tumors can be monitored using ex vivo examination of organs or in vivo imaging such as MRI, PET, PET/MRI, SPECT and optical imaging.

Summary of available metastasis models

Metastasis SiteModelInjection SiteAlso to LymphTumor typeIncidenceSOC
Liver CT-26 colon LS174T colon HCT-116 colon CR-LRB-018P colon MP55 melanoma IM-PAN-010 pancreas IV Intrasplenic OT OT Caecum OT Choroid SC Syngeneic CDX CDX PDX PDX PDX 100% 60-80% 90% 100% 33% 40% CPT-11 CPT-11
Lung 4T1 breast Rena kidney B16-F10 melanoma B16-F10 melanoma MDA-MB-231 breast OD-BRE-0192 breast IM-PAN-015OT, MFP OT IV Intradermal IV OT, MFP SC Yes Syngeneic Syngeneic Syngeneic Syngeneic CDX PDX PDX100% 100% 100% 80-90% 66% 30% 40-60%Doxorubicin, indomethacin Sunitinib, Sorafenib Cyclophosphamide Paclitaxel
Brain B16-F10 melanoma BT-474 breast A-549 lung NCI-H460 lung CMEL-5 melanomaIntracranial Intracranial Intracranial Intracranial IV Yes Syngeneic CDX CDX CDX CDX 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% Temozolomide Paclitaxel, CDDP, TMZ, Gemcitbine Paclitaxel
Spleen CT-26 colon caecum Syngeneic 30-40%
Bone CMEL-5 melanoma CMEL5 melanoma PC-3 prostate NCTC 2472 Proprietary prostate IV OT Intracardiac Intratibial Intratibial Yes Yes Yes CDX CDX CDX Syngeneic CDX 100% 100% 69% 100% 100% Temozolomide Paclitaxel CDDP


The B16-F10 mouse melanoma model was implanted intravenously in C57b6 mice, with lung tumor colonies measured after termination. Cyclophosphamide successfully repressed most of the lung mets forming.



MetastaticModels - lung mets in B16-F10 tumor model