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Our HR policy

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An HR policy that serves our mission and respects our values

Since its creation, and particularly over the last four years as our workforce doubled in size, our company’s development and economic growth have enabled us to continuously increase our impact and value creation in the precision medicine sector.
All our decisions serve our mission: Discover new innovative therapies effective against cancers and serious diseases without known treatment.

Above all, the goal is to be proactive; an entrepreneurial spirit is one of the first qualities needed to integrate well into Oncodesign Services teams.
At Oncodesign Services, every employee contributes to the success of the company’s mission through their commitment, their adherence to the company’s values, the quality of their work and their professionalism – all with vitality and a cool head, qualities required in any professional environment in which innovation and the experimental approach prevail.

  • What is the work environment offered to Oncodesign Services employees?

    Could Oncodesign Services succeed in its mission without the constant commitment of its teams and employees? The answer is no. Nevertheless, life circumstances lead each employee to balance their own professional and personal lives. Oncodesign Services implements a working time planning policy and tools that can balance individual requirements.

    oncodesign-politique-rh Oncodesign Services employees and technicians work on a weekly basis of 37 and a half hours, including 2 and a half hours of paid overtime. They can also choose to work on a weekly basis of 39 hours with 9 days of time off . Given the specificities of our activities and depending on needs, laboratory technicians may be required to work outside of usual days.
    oncodesign-politique-rh Oncodesign Services engineers and managers work on a fixed annual basis of 218 days and get 9 days of time off . As part of their activities and business travels, they may also be required to work outside of normal working days.
    oncodesign-politique-rh Since 2018, our Remote Work Charter has defined our rules and practices in this area.
    oncodesign-politique-rh A time savings account is set up and used in the company.
    oncodesign-politique-rh In addition to the collective contractual or regulatory rights to work part-time and to benefit from special leave for family events, Oncodesign Services develops Quality of Life measures at Work: relocation leave, leave for sick children, donation of days off between employees, etc.
  • How are success and achievements rewarded at Oncodesign Services?

    Oncodesign Services’ success depends on all of its employees. Maintaining and developing this dynamic leads us to implement pay policies that recognize the company’s collective success:

    • Employee shareholding, to get everyone involved in the success of Oncodesign Services in its mission to discover new therapies
    • Incentives and profit-sharing, to get everyone involved in achieving the annual economic, scientific and financial objectives set out in our business plan
    • Pay per function, to provide everyone with a fair, fixed pay scale based on their contribution
    • The Company Savings Plan and the “Article 83” pension plan, to ensure deferred pay over time
  • How are individual work and results recognized?

    While our success is collective, it is nevertheless based on the results of the work of each Oncodesign Services employee, performed individually or as part of their team. Oncodesign Services rewards individual performance through its HR compensation and career development policies. Each year, employees discuss and assess their performance over ther year with their direct manager both in terms of job performance and the achievement of annual objectives.

  • What are the extra incentives for Oncodesign Services employees?

    It is difficult to answer this question, because the answers are so varied: company subsidies for meals at the company restaurant or in the form of meal vouchers, the possibility to give one day of leave to colleagues in need, reserved spots in childcare facilities, a dynamic Social and Economic Committee, bonuses in exceptional situations, the recognition of the right to make mistakes, etc.