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Josselin Caradec, Directeur de programmes Découverte, Responsable du laboratoire in vitro
21 février 2019 – 17h

The use of immunotherapies in oncology has drastically changed the way of treating cancer, providing innovative and efficient therapeutic solutions.
Currently, tremendous R&D efforts are done in immuno-oncology to discover new targets and develop new drugs.
In that context, the use of relevant and robust assays to predict therapeutic efficiencies has become a key for drug discovery programs.
Oncodesign develops a broad range of solutions to support your drug discovery projects in immuno-oncology.
We can provide solutions on a stand alone basis or through an integrated drug discovery package – from hit identification to candidate selection.
Based on human immune material for in vitro/ex vivo phenotypic assays and on advanced preclinical models – syngeneic or humanized – for in vivo assays, our scientists help you to assess your compound efficiency in routine or customized assays.

Key learning objectives

  • How Oncodesign can help you to support your drug discovery project at each step of your pre-clinical development.
  • Vitro/Vivo assays developed by Oncodesign for routine assessment of molecules.
  • Tailored-made solutions: Case studies

About our speaker Josselin Caradec

Dr Caradec obtained his PhD in Biology in the Oncology field. He joined Oncodesign in 2015 as a Director of Discovery Programs to develop kinase inhibitors up to candidate.
He now also heads the in vitro laboratory of Dijon facility and leads preclinical (vitro/vivo) projects for clients in immune-oncology.
Watch the webinar