[EN] How to recruit immune cells against tumor? Bispecific compounds are the key for new oncology therapeutic strategy

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Jean-François Mirjolet, PhD
18 Juin – 17h CEST

Bispecific compounds are now considered as a new therapeutic strategy in oncology.
A number of bispecific compounds are under development at various clinical stages and two have already been approved. Given that these compounds are antibody-like and species-specific, new tools are subsequently needed to characterize them on a preclinical level.
From in vitro models up to in vivo humanized mouse models, including imaging as an option to track immune cells, all of these strategies will be exemplified in the context of compounds that recruit immune cells against tumors.

Key learning objectives

  • In vitro characterization
  • In vitro pharmacology
  • In vivo pharmacology (incl. Imaging)

Discover our speaker Jean-François Mirjolet

Jean-François has been working for Oncodesign for 17 years. Jean-François obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Nancy, France, in cellular pharmacology of anticancer drugs, followed by post-doctoral position at the IRIBHM, Brussels, Belgium, in chemokines and chemokine receptors implication in cancer cell migration. At Oncodesign, Jean-François started as a study director and then the position of Technology Director, directly supporting our Business Development activity and working closely with our clients to select the most appropriate study designs for the evaluation of their therapies through preclinical studies. Jean-François has been the Head of the In Vitro Sciences Department since 2018. In this capacity, he manages both services and R&D related in vitro activities.
Watch the webinar