Oncodesign Services and Veritas In Silico enter into business cooperation

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Oncodesign Services and Veritas In Silico enter into business cooperation on developing mRNA-targeted small molecule drugs



Oncodesign Services (“ODS”) and Veritas In Silico Inc.(“VIS”) announced that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) to respond to the needs of pharmaceutical companies seeking to develop innovative small molecule drugs targeting messenger RNA (“mRNA”).

The drug discovery of mRNA-targeted small molecules is rapidly gaining attention due to the current difficulty of developing drugs against conventional protein targets. There is an increasing number of biotechs elaborated in this field, yet it hasn’t met the wide-ranging needs of pharmaceutical companies seeking to commit to developing mRNA-targeted small molecule drugs.

VIS, as a pathfinder in mRNA-targeted drug discovery, has been paving the way for realizing mRNA-targeted small molecule drugs with its proprietary drug discovery platform, ibVIS®, consisting of computational target identification of any given mRNA, robust and quantitative high throughput screening, and various drug discovery technologies fully optimized for mRNA targets. ODS, as a world leading CRO and a pioneer in translational medicine, offers a full spectrum of integrated drug discovery services from the conception and design of molecules, through efficient and intelligent optimization and evaluation, to sustain preclinical candidate selection and nomination.

The business cooperation between ODS and VIS enables clients in the pharmaceutical industry to leverage the benefits of VIS’s ibVIS® platform with the support of ODS’s drug discovery and development expertise in major therapeutic areas for the discovery of new drug candidates of mRNA-targeted small molecules.



About Oncodesign Services

ODS is a leading CRO specializing in drug discovery and preclinical services. Founded in 1995, ODS’ mission is to contribute to the development of innovative therapies in oncology, immunology, inflammatory and infectious diseases, through integrated capabilities in Medicinal chemistry, DMPK, Pharmaco-imaging, Bioanalysis, In vitro/In vivo pharmacology and humanized models. From target identification, hit-to-lead and lead optimization to IND filing, ODS supports the R&D programs of customers globally. Oncodesign Services has 230 employees in France, Canada and the United States.

For more information on ODS, please visit the website at https://www.oncodesign-services.com/


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About Veritas In Silico Inc.

VIS aims to realize a society where every patient can look forward to a brighter future through next-generation small molecule drug discovery targeting mRNA. VIS, as a pathfinder in mRNA-targeted drug discovery, has established a fully integrated drug discovery platform, ibVIS®, including lots of in-house software with rule-based AI, and has been conducting drug discovery research in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies since 2018 to create mRNA-targeted small molecule drugs for therapeutic areas such as oncology, neurology, and infectious diseases.

For more information on VIS, please visit the website at https://www.veritasinsilico.com/en/


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