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CRO services for the development of your biopharmaceutical product

A biopharmaceutical medical product is a biotechnological product, pharmaceutically active and synthesized from biological sources or extracted from it.  The biotherapies – the therapies using biopharmaceuticals – are in full expansion in the world, but their development is long, expensive, and must meet the strict requirements for efficacy, quality and toxicity.

A CRO company with high laboratory capabilities help you deliver accurate and effective biopharmaceuticals through an accelerate of journey to market.

Oncodesign Services support your biopharmaceutical product development, from early drug discovery to preclinical services.

Oncodesign Services performs a wide spectrum of assays to determine the   physicochemical   properties, the   identity, the potency, the quantity or assess the purity, impurities & contaminants of your Drug Product or Candidate.

We can focus on the characterization of your biologics such aspeptides, proteins, antibodies or vaccines.

 Our biopharmaceutical product development services contain:


Based on our extensive experience in Pharmacology and Biopharmaceuticals development, Oncodesign Services’ team offers support all along your preclinical projects with fast cycles times and the latest innovative technologies.

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