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Unique service solution for theranostic drug development, from drug discovery through to clinical phases 

What are ‘theranostics’?

In the field of nuclear medicine, theranostics often involves the use of radiopharmaceuticals, compounds that contain a radioactive isotope. In theranostics, a radiopharmaceutical is designed to have both diagnostics and therapeutic properties.


Example of theranostics in oncology : biomarkers

One example of radiopharmaceutical theranostics is in the field of oncology. Specific biomarkers present in a patient’s tumor can be identified by diagnostic tests such as  pharmaco-imaging tools where the biomarker is conjugated to a γ (gamma) or β+(positron) emmitter radionuclide (SPECT or PET scan, respectively). The same biomarkers, can be used for personalized treatment when a β (beta), α (alpha) or auger emitter radionuclide is conjugated and we can provide a personalized targeted treatments options (I.e radioimmunotherapies, molecular targeted therapies) relevant to the molecular properties of the tumor. Moreover, we can monitoring the response to treatment using the imaging theranostic counterpart  allowing a for timely adjustments to the therapeutic scheme , if necessary.

A small molecule or antibody with a radioactive isotope bind selectively to a cancer cell

Oncodesign Services offers integrated solutions with theranostics approach

The development of theranostics requires highly specific expertise and strong collaboration between preclinical and clinical development. Oncodesign Services offers a unique service solution for theranostic drug development, from bench to bedside.


Imaging platform for theranostic approach:

Preclinical Imaging Services | Multimodal technologies to understand the pharmacology

Drive-MRT : A premium “nuclear medicine” solution in Oncology for theranostics

With DRIVE™-Molecular RadioTherapy (MRT), Oncodesign Services offers  drug discovery services based on the complementary knowledge and know-how of each partner (Covalab, CheMatech, ABX-CRO and Oncodesign Services). We have built a joint value proposition in which the generation of radiolabeled biological vectors, chelator production, design of the bioconjugated lead, preclinical proof of concept and the design of the regulatory and clinical package are managed effectively and efficiently under one roof.

The DRIVE-MRT solution allows the rationalization, design and optimization of targeted radiopharmaceutical products that are effective against cancers.


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