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Preclinical development and experimentation services to accelerate your program


The preclinical experimentation is an important step in the development of new therapies. It aim is to maximize the value of a potential drug candidate and generate quality data on the drug candidate behavior, enabling the translation of findings from the laboratory to the clinic.

CRO services can help you to select the most appropriate study design and screening method to conduct preclinical development programs.

Oncodesign Services, a CRO dedicated to preclinical development and experimentation

The Oncodesign Services preclinical experimentation department gather experts in Drug Discovery to support your research programs. Our laboratories are BSL1, BSL2 and BSL3 and AAALAC accredited for our animal care and use program, to provide high quality data for pharmacological studies.

Our Preclinical services include:

Based on our extensive experience, Oncodesign Services’ team offers support along your preclinical projects with fast cycles times and access to latest innovative technologies.