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How to assess the effect of your microbiota-based therapeutics?


Support the development of your microbiota-based therapeutics

Even if the causality is not always established, the microbiota imbalance is being increasingly linked to several diseases, as gastrointestinal and dermal diseases, metabolic disorders, CNS pathologies or cancer.

The understanding and the evaluation of the role of the microbiota in the discovery and development of new therapeutic molecules is currently of high interest.

Indeed, integrated microbiota models during the drug discovery project enable to access at relevant data. Theses microbiota models allows to:

  • study the relationship between imbalances in microbiota and the disease of interest
  • define the role of microbiota in precision diagnosis and personalized treatment
  • develop/evaluate therapeutics derived from microbiota

A CRO partner can help you in your drug discovery project providing the relevant Microbiota models at the relevant time.

Oncodesign Service provides methods & analysis related to microbiota

Oncodesign Services, a CRO specialized in Drug Discovery has developed translational skills and experience in microbiota insights, for oncologyimmuno-oncology, inflammatory diseases, or infectious diseases.

We provide a wide range of distinct and diversified services around microbiome, applied to efficacy and safety studies.


Microbiota models

Oncodesign Services methods related to microbiota

Examples of Oncodesign Services expertise in microbiota field:

Our multidisciplinary team designs tailor-made studies for evaluating microbiome-based therapeutics and drug-microbiome interactions. Discover hereafter few examples of experiments conducted at Oncodesign Services:

  • Tumor engraftment/growth and gut microbiota
  • Impact of chemotherapeutic agents on gut microbiota
  • Consequences of antibiotics treatment on gut microbiota, disease development or response to immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • Gut microbiota profile and response to immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • FMT (selected donors), defined consortium, single strain (wild type or genetically modified), molecules from microbiota
  • Preparation of fresh bacteria, formulation of frozen/lyophilized/pasteurized bacteria and fecal material

Why choose Oncodesign Services for your microbiota models?

• Established in-house platforms

• Access to additional expertise within consortium and with our partners

• A large choice of models/assays for your in vitro and in vivo studies

• Production of standardized batches of bacteria

• Analysis of microbiota (“omics” technologies)

Access to samples from patients/healthy donors