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From its Paris-Saclay (France) laboratory, Oncodesign Services offers a full spectrum of preclinical and drug discovery services to support the European and worldwide companies in their research programs. We work to establish a technological continuum of services to develop and qualify the efficacy of potential new compounds.



A laboratory in Paris dedicated to preclinical services, from medicinal chemistry to biology capabilities

Oncodesign Services has laboratories in Paris Salcay cluster, including animal facilities. Our laboratories in Paris are up to BSL2 and it maintains the full AAALAC international accreditation for our animal care and use program.

Oncodesign Services Paris offers discovery capabilities as :

Oncodesign Services has built a scientific team of drug discovery experts in Paris to provide innovative solutions and accelerate your drug discovery process.

If you want to visit our laboratory in Paris, please contact us at contact@oncodesign-services.com

Who is Oncodesign Services ?

Oncodesign Services is a Contract research organization (CRO) specializing in drug discovery and preclinical services. From target identification to IND filing, the company contributes to the development of innovative therapies in oncology, inflammation and infectious diseases, with high medical needs.

Through integrated capabilities in medicinal chemistry, DMPK, pharmaco-imaging, bioanalysis, in vivo/In vitro pharmacology, Oncodesign Services support the R&D programs of customers with a global footprint.

Oncodesign Services has 230 employees in France, Canada and the United States.

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