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[EN] MRI: going beneath the surface in preclinical oncology

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Peggy Provent, PhD
22 Septembre – 17h CEST
Some aggressive tumor types seem to not care where they grow, while the phenotypes other deadly cancers, including their drug sensitivities, can be highly influenced by the correct tumor microenvironment. To study the latter tumor types, the use of OT models to supplement SC modeling is well established in literature and industry practice. However, OT modeling presents several operational challenges, including managing animal health and quantification of tumor size, for the sake of simplicity, we often resort to using regular subcutaneous models for a therapeutic proof of concept.

If MRI enabled tumor growth monitoring in an orthotopic model as simply as in a subcutaneous model, would you change your mind? If we showed you that the efficacy of some compounds is observed only in orthotopic models, would you make the bet to gain time and money and, switch to MRI follow-up?

The goal of this webinar is to highlight our MRI study workflow and show you how we have improved the routine throughput to optimize the homogeneity of randomization and tumor volume monitoring, while increasing the quality of your preclinical data package and limiting the number of animals. Using common models (including MBT-2 bladder, U87 glioma, BT474 breast metastases, liver, prostate and others), we will illustrate Oncodesign deep experience in these advance translational models, and will present the requirements and best practices for these studies.

This standard process will serve the starting point for more advanced MRI studies. Once you’ve got a taste for it, you won’t ever go back to preclinical studies without imaging!

Key learning objectives

  • MRI: a tool for preclinical oncology studies
  • Orthotopic tumor models: how can MRI improve your study
  • Operational efficiency for high-throughput, high group-number studies

Discover our speaker Peggy Provent

Peggy Provent obtained a PhD in 2006 in Physics from the University of Grenoble, France, where she mainly worked on the development of novel MRI technics to characterize brain tumors in preclinical models.

Peggy joined Oncodesign in 2008 as a study director in the Pharmaco-Imaging Unit. She has been participating in the development of the preclinical imaging platform including Pharm’Image. As a physicist, she supervises all our imaging equipment, data management and image analyses with the goal to always improve the throughput and the quality of our pharmacology studies.

Watch the webinar