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Quantify Therapeutic Effects by Flow Cytometry Analysis of various cell types


Preclinical services by flow cytometry  guide new therapies development from discovery through ind-filling. Discover the capabilities of Oncodesign Services.

What is flow cytometry?

Flow cytometry is a popular biological technique used to analyze physical and chemical characteristics of cells and particles. With this lab test, approximately 10,000 cells can be injected into the flow cytometer machine, and processed by a computer in less than one minute. Flow cytometry is a particularly powerful method and allows to rapidly, accurately, and simply collect data related to many parameters of cells.

Flow cytometry generated high quality data to better understand:

  • The therapeutic effects on the functionality and the frequencies of cells subsets
  • The heterogeneity of response and individual specimen variations
  • The immune make-up of relevant organs such as tumor, blood, spleen, and lymph nodes

Flow cytometry in drug discovery

Flow cytometry is routinely used in preclinical research and clinical trials. For example, it is used in immunology to identify, separate, and characterize various immune cell subtypes by virtue of their size and morphology. Besides, flow cytometry may also be used to characterize types of white blood cells in the evaluation of infectious or autoimmune diseases.


Example of standard characterization by flow cytometry:

Oncodesign Services offers bioanalysis by flow cytometry for preclinical development

Oncodesign Services offers a large panel of bioanalytical technologies under the same roof with over 20 years of expertise in bioanalysis to match your needs in terms of speed, sensitivity and throughput. We offer method development, method transfert, method validation and sample analysis.

The technical platform includes two flow-cytometers with 96-well plate reader system and 4 to 6 lasers on board (Becton Dickinson Fortessa X20 and Beckman coulter Cytoflex LX).

Our dedicated flow cytometry team help you to determine the right protocol and the most appropriate assay development and validation strategy for your studies.


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