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Oncodesign Services is a contract research organization (CRO) with over 25 years of experience in drug discovery and preclinical services, in the key therapeutic areas: oncologyinflammation and infectious diseases.

We contribute to the development of innovative therapies against diseases with high medical needs.

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A continuum of innovative solutions for preclinical programs

With individual or integrated studies, we contributes to the development of innovative therapies, through integrated capabilities in medicinal chemistry, DMPK, pharmaco-imaging, bioanalysis, and in vivo/in vitro pharmacology.

Preclinical services in CRO

To progress your program from target identification to IND 

We offer experimented services which cover the early drug discovery and preclinical research journey, from early phases of hit finding, hit-to-lead, lead optimization to IND enabling studies.

Target validation - CRO services

Target identification

Target identification is the process of finding a molecule (protein, gene, RNA, nucleic acid…) which results in a therapeutic effect on target disease.

Hit identification

Hit identification (or hit finding) is a process used in drug discovery to identify compounds that have the potential to bind to a specific target protein and modulate its activity in a desired way. 

Hit identification - CRO services
Hit to Lead - CRO services


The Hit-to-Lead (H2L) phase is about establishing quickly and rigorously the understanding of the Structure-Activity-Relationships (SAR) of different hit series

Lead optimization

The key objective of Lead Optimization (LO) is to improve the pharmacological profile and DMPK properties of the Lead compound, such as efficacy, safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, to make it suitable for development into a drug candidate.  

Lead optimization - CRO services