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Developing an innovative therapy needs to build supporting evidences about the efficacy of the new molecule. For that, pharmaceutical companies must respect some key preclinical stages of the drug discovery process, including lead optimization. 

Oncodesign Services, a leading CRO in early drug discovery, helps you to success on lead optimization step. 

What is the lead optimization?  

The key objective of Lead Optimization (LO) is to improve the pharmacological profile and DMPK properties of the Lead compound, such as efficacy, safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, to make it suitable for development into a drug candidate.  

The Lead Optimization process can include chemical modification based on the structure-activity relationship (SAR) analysis, and biological testing in relevant in vivo models.  

The lead optimization phase aims to identify a drug candidate, a molecule meeting the criteria defined in the Candidate Drug Target Profile (CDTP) to achieve the defined Target Product Profile (TPP). The selection of a drug candidate takes place at the end of the drug discovery phase, and the regulatory development phases then begin.  

Lead optimization can take from 12 months up to 36 months, and the success rate is typically around 50%. 

Oncodesign Services offers an integrated solution for Lead Optimization 


Expert in translational sciences, Oncodesign Services has experienced scientific teams in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK/ADME) will help you to establish in-vitro, in-vivo  and PK/PD correlations and predictions of human dose for promising candidates. 

From target identification to lead optimization, the company contributes to the development of innovative therapies in oncology, inflammation and infectious diseases, with high medical needs. 

drug discovery services from hit identification to preclinical candidate


Our Lead Optimization capabilities include:  

Medicinal Chemistry 

Structure based drug design/Molecular Modelling 

Multi-parameter optimization – AI 

In vitro and in vivo DMPK 

In vivo Pharmacology & POC 

Multi-species PK & Allometric scaling 


Early Scale-up and formulation 

Early Safety assessment 

Why choose Oncodesign Services for your lead optimization programs?

A multidisciplinary team with 25 years of experience in Drug Discover 

All analytical capabilities in a unique company  

A dedicated project leader as single point of contact

Expertise in various therapeutic areas (oncology, inflammation, infectious diseases…)

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