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Allergy-related diseases models

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Preclinical in vitro and in vivo models for allergic diseases


Developing treatments for allergy-related diseases involves using various models to study the underlying mechanisms and test potential therapeutic interventions.

Oncodesign Services offers access to several preclinical models addressing a variety of allergic diseases, including asthma or atopic dermatitis, and provides CRO support for de novo development of new inflammation models recently described in the literature.


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Importance of Preclinical Models in Allergy Research


Preclinical models are essential tools in the evaluation and development of future treatments for allergic diseases. These models allow researchers to explore the underlying mechanisms of allergic responses and to test the efficacy and safety of new therapeutic interventions before advancing to clinical trials.

By closely mimicking human allergic conditions, preclinical models provide invaluable insights into the pathophysiology of diseases such as asthma, atopic dermatitis, and other allergic reactions. This not only enhances our understanding of these conditions but also facilitates the identification and validation of novel drug targets, paving the way for the development of effective and safe treatments that can improve the quality of life for patients suffering from allergies.

Typical readouts for allergic mouse models include:

Clinical monitoring and scoring

For asthma : Lung mechanical assessments (FlexiVent system – SCIREQ)

Clinical biochemistry

Organ histology

Multiplex cytokine profiling

Immune cell phenotyping (FACS)

T cell responses (ELISPOT, proliferation, FACS)


In vivo pharmaco-imaging

Oncodesign Services supports the development of new treatments against allergic diseases


At Oncodesign Services, we are specialized in preclinical research, focusing on inflammatory diseases. Our cutting-edge research and development capabilities enable us to offer comprehensive preclinical models for allergic diseases such as asthma or skin allergies.

We offer a range of in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo preclinical models to study the pathophysiology and treatment of allergic diseases.


  • Asthma Models:
    • Allergic asthma model in mice, induced by House Dust Mice (HDM)
    • Asthma exacerbation model in mice, induced by RSV + HDM combination
    • Ovalbumin-induced asthma model


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  • Skin Allergy Models:
    • Atopic Dermatitis Model (Calcipotriol-induced)
    • Atopic Dermatitis Model (DNFB-induced)
    • Atopic Dermatitis Model (HDM-induced)

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Partner with Oncodesign Services for your preclinical research needs and leverage our expertise to accelerate the development of new treatments for allergic diseases. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your research objectives.