Humanized models for inflammation diseases

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Humanized immune system models, engineering mice that recreate human inflammation


Mouse models of inflammatory diseases in animals bearing humanized immune systems Are a recent solution allowing the study of new therapeutic solutions that critically require a human target within the immune system to have efficacy.  

Typical readouts for inflammatory humanized mouse models

Clinical monitoring and scoring

Clinical biochemistry

Organ histology

Multiplex cytokine profiling

Immune cell phenotyping (FACS)

T cell responses (ELISPOT, proliferation, FACS)


In vivo pharmaco-imaging

Gene  biomarker expression monitoring


Oncodesign Services supports your preclinical needs with the development of tailor-made humanized models for inflammation therapies


Since 2002, Oncodesign Services has adopted the most recent humanization techniques, in order to be at the cutting edge when offering preclinical services in the field of inflammatory diseases. We have extensive experience in handling drug candidates of various natures and mechanisms of action: small molecules, antibodies and derivatives, peptides and proteins, gene and cell therapies, vaccines and combinations thereof. 


Our laboratories can offer inflammation models, run on mice bearing a human immune system, including for instance colitis models and GvHD models. Our bank of models covers diseases of the skin, gut, lungs, kidneys, liver and more. 


Importantly, all of our sites and in-vivo departments maintain full AAALAC International accreditation of our animal care and use program. 


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Pros and Cons of Humanization Approaches