Chronic colitis models

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Discover our colitis preclinical studies to support therapies against gastro-intestinal inflammatory diseases


Colitis models refer to experimental way to mimic the characteristics and symptoms of colitis i.e. inflammation of the colon. These models are used in drug discovery and development programs to test the effects of candidate drugs on inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

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Colitis mouse models available at Oncodesign Services


With 25 years of experience in pharmacology services and inflammatory diseases, Oncodesign Services provides a large range of in vivo colitis models, including :

  • Acute colitis in mice- DSS-induced
  • Acute colitis in CD34+cell-humanized mice- DSS-induced
  • Chronic colitis in mice- DSS + anti-CTLA4 |Repeated DSS cycles
  • Mild colitis in mice – anti-CD40
  • Spontaneous colitis in mice – IL-10-/-model


Our Colitis models help optimizing treatment strategies by providing insights into the most effective dosage, administration route, and timing of drug interventions.

Oncodesign Services also offers development of custom-made models in order to adapt to your scientific needs.

Importantly, all of our sites and in-vivo departments maintain full AAALAC International accreditation of our animal care and use program. 

Readouts in colitis models

Clinical scoring


Biomarker/drug monitoring



Colitis and Cancer


The link between colitis and colorectal cancer is well-established. Colitis refers to the inflammation of the colon, and chronic inflammation over an extended period can contribute to the development of cancer. This connection is particularly observed in individuals with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

For example, Inflammation in colitis is associated with an altered immune response. The immune system, which plays a role in monitoring and preventing cancer, may become dysregulated, allowing abnormal cells to evade detection and proliferate.

Recognizing the link between chronic inflammation, colitis, and cancer highlights the importance of proactive monitoring, early detection, and appropriate therapies.

Oncodesign Services, with a strong experienced in Oncology and Inflammatory Diseases, is the best partner to help the development of new therapies against colitis.