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Investigating microbiome derived approaches and assessing the role of microbiome in preclinical research


Agrowing interests of microbiome in Preclinical Research

Even if the causality is not always established, a microbial imbalance is being increasingly linked to several diseases, as gastrointestinal and dermal diseases, metabolic disorders, CNS pathologies or cancer.

Furthermore, the microbiome has been shown to influence the efficacy of immunotherapy and chemotherapeutic agents, as well as the metabolism of drugs. Based on preclinical studies, different strategies can be adopted to modulate the composition of the microbiome and exploit its immunogenicity to treat diseases in first line treatment or to circumvent primary resistance to standard of care.

The preclinical models can offer several interests to establish or confirm the microbiome interaction, providing important insights to moving into human clinical step. Here are some example of microbiome studies:

  • Define the role of microbiome in precision diagnosis and personalized treatment
  • Develop and evaluate microbiome therapeutics
  • Study the relationship between microbiome composition and the disease of interest
  • Understand the impact of a drug on microbiome and the influence of microbiome on individual’s response to a drug

A CRO partner can help you in your drug discovery project providing the relevant Microbiome Preclinical studies at the relevant time.

Oncodesign Services is a CRO specialized in Microbiome Preclinical Research

Oncodesign Services, a biopharmaceutical company specialized in precision medicine, has been developing innovative technological platforms for designing & selecting high quality drug candidates. All of our experience and expertise in drug discovery are available to understand your needs and progress your discovery & development projects and become a success, for the patient’s benefit in the fields of oncology, inflammation & infectious diseases.

Oncodesign Services helps you study:

  • Safety and efficacy of microbiome-based therapeutics
  • Bidirectional drug microbiome interactions

Our Microbiome department gives you access to tools/models suitable for mimicking pathological situation for screening purpose and proof of concept in your preclinical research.


Examples of research and services in Oncodesign Services laboratories:

  • Tissue microbiota
  • Tumor microbiota
  • Gut-organ axis
  • Live Biotherapeutic produtcs (LBP)
  • Fecal material transplantation (FMT)

Oncodesign Services has developed translational skills and experience in this growing field to serve the evolving needs of R&D programs using microbiome insights in oncologyimmuno-oncology, inflammatory diseasesinfectious diseases including Covid-19, dermocosmetics and nutrition.


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