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Cell-assay capabilities to support Drug Discovery and Development with biology insights


Understanding that hight quality in vitro data is essential for taking decisions throught the drug development process, Oncodesign Services built state-of-the-art cell biology platforms to support the discovery of new therapies.

Located across our two facilities in Dijon and Paris, our biology department comprises a team of 35 professionals, including 12 PhDs. Our laboratories are equipped to handle BSL2 and BSL3 work, providing a range of comprehensive cell biology assays, including:

Cell biology assays allow to study the structure and function of cells in targeted diseases, how they survive, proliferate, die, and how cells interact with each other and with their environment. Our technologies include methods to measure for example metabolic activity, cell signaling, or gene expression.

Cell biology techniques and platform

Oncodesign Services offers cell-assay capabilities and experience with multiple biological samples. Our platform includes :


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In combination with our medicinal chemists, in vivo pharmacologists, and DMPK scientists, our integrated teams can accelerate your research program by seamlessly integrating compound flow and knowledge.


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