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Target deconvolution CRO services to support your target validation


The target deconvolution provides relevant data about the potential therapeutic target, and accelerate the target validation process. At Oncodesign Services, we provide an extensive experience for target identification and validation, including target deconvolution, to run your molecule from Hit, Lead to Candidate.

What is “target deconvolution”?

Target deconvolution refers to a set of experimental designs used in drug discovery to identify the specific biological targets with which a drug molecule interacts.

Target deconvolution involves a series of assays and data analysis approaches to determine the primary target or targets of a drug candidate. These methods can include various biochemical and biophysical techniques, such as:

  • Affinity chromatography
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Expression cloning
  • Protein Microarray
  • Gene/protein expression profiling
  • Reverse transfected cell microarray
  • Biochemical suppression

Additional experiments and validation steps are performed to confirm the primary target or targets identified through target deconvolution. This process is crucial for understanding the drug’s mode of action, optimizing its efficacy, and predicting potential side or off-target effects.

Overall, target deconvolution plays a significant role in drug discovery by providing insights into the molecular interactions of drug candidates, aiding in the optimization of therapeutic interventions, and facilitating the development of safer and more effective drugs.

Target deconvolution

Figure – The steps of Phenotype-based drug discovery

Oncodesign Services offers target validation and hit selection services including target deconvolution

With an experienced and multi-disciplinary team of experts in target identification & validation, Oncodesign Services provides innovative solutions for drug discovery and development, with cutting edge technology.

Our CRO can help you to accelerate your drug research into the clinic by providing integrated services such as:

  • Primary screening
  • Phenotypic screen
  • Hit confirmation
  • Target engagement
  • Cell signaling
  • Generation of SAR
  • Selectivity assessment
  • Viability cell studies
  • Cell engineering (CRISPR, sh-siRNA, reporter gene, molecular biology constructs, lentivirus…)

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions including the design of your project, from target screening and identification, hit identification up to lead optimization.

Discover EXPLORE, the best starting point for your Drug Discovery program!

Our EXPLORE offer supports companies in identifying and validating therapeutic targets by investigating preclinical proofs of concept. The EXPLORE solution is designed to support you:

-when you are identifying potential therapeutic targets from your patient data or from other approaches in primary cell phenotyping or tumor organoid screening

-when you are experimentally validating selected targets, through complementary approaches and methodologies (RNAi, shRNA, CRISPR/Cas9, deconvolution, and other techniques) and evaluating their druggability


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