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Exploring the gut-organ axis in human health and disease to support your drug development


Overview of Human Gut Microbiota


The human gut is home to trillions of microbes, creating a sophisticated ecological system that impacts regular bodily functions and vulnerability to diseases through their combined metabolic actions and interactions with the host. Any changes in intestinal microbiota composition may not only have an impact locally on the gut, but also influence other distant organs and so be associated with various diseases.

Identifying the elements that drive alterations in the gut microbiota’s structure and functionality is crucial for developing effective treatments.

Using Gut microbiome insights in discovery and preclinical services


Gut Microbiota Studies are essential for advancing drug development and conducting preclinical trials They greatly enhance our comprehension of the human gut microbiota through microbiome profiling This thorough examination reveals the intricate interactions among microbial species and their influence on human health, spanning functions like nutrient absorption, immune response, and disease resistance. Through exploration of microbial diversity within the human gut microbiota, these studies yield invaluable insights into shifts in microbiome composition, gut dysbiosis, and their connections to diverse health conditions, thereby facilitating the development of microbiome-centric therapeutic approaches.

Different methods can be used for culturing, detecting, quantifying, identifying and localizing bacteria, the most numerous members of microbiome, in simple or complex samples (e.g. from culture of single bacterial species to rodent/human stools or other tissues):

  • counting of CFUs,
  • qPCR/dPCR coupled or not to PMA,
  • 16 rRNA gene sequencing,
  • shotgun metagenomics
  • mass spectrometry,
  • imaging

In addition, a continuum of assays allows us to evaluate the impact of gut microbiota or derived products directly on tumor and/or immune cells (e.g. immune infiltrate and phenotyping, cytokine/chemokine profiling, tumor burden).



Oncodesign Services provides several approaches to study the Gut Microbiota


Oncodesign Services has been dedicated to delivering specialized and customized services for 25 years, accumulating extensive expertise in gut microbiota research.

We provide comprehensive microbiome services to explore the complex world of microbial communities within the human gut. We have developed translational skills and experience in this growing field to serve the evolving needs of R&D programs using gut microbiota insights in several areas: Oncology, Immuno-oncology, Inflammatory diseases, Infectious diseases, Dermocosmetics, Nutrition.

Whether you require a one-stop shop to manage your preclinical programs, or just a microbiome-specialized central laboratory to work together, Oncodesign Services offers customized solutions.