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Preclinical imaging is an essential tool for assessing the biological and physiological characteristics of therapeutics throughout their development for potential clinical application.

Oncodesign Services is dedicated to offering imaging technologies and human expertise, providing translational support from discovery to the IND-finding.


Preclinical in vivo imaging solutions


In vivo imaging involves the visualization and analysis of biological processes within a living organism. This technique enables researchers to study and monitor physiological and pathological events in real-time, offering valuable insights into the functioning of biological systems.

In the context of drug development and IND-enabling preclinical studies, in vivo imaging is a powerful tool used in laboratory animals, such as mice or rats, to investigate disease progression, assess treatment efficacy, and understand the underlying mechanisms of various conditions.


Imaging platform to support preclinical programs


At Oncodesign Services, a leading CRO specialized in preclinical imaging for oncology, inflammation and infectious diseases. The infrastructure and imaging equipment have some unique features under one roof:


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Oncodesign Services’ in vivo multi-modal imaging platform can be used for biodistribution studies, tumor tracking and to detect biomarkers of activity. Pharmaco-imaging studies often utilize radioisotopes, leveraging the capabilities of our bioconjugation and radiochemistry expertise. It is applicable to small molecules, biologics, nanoparticles.

Oncodesign Services support also radiopharmaceuticals development for Theranostics.


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