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Discovery our cancer models bank to support preclinical studies in oncology


To mimic the clinical situation and optimize clinical success, the selection of preclinical cancer models is essential from the first phases of drug development. Oncodesign Services, a leading CRO in drug discovery, guides you to success with your preclinical cancer model selection.


Why use preclinical cancer models in therapeutic evaluation? 

Preclinical cancer models are an essential tool for the drug discovery process. These experimental systems must mimic the therapeutic response in humans, including efficacy, safety and potential mechanisms of resistance.

Indeed, these preclinical cancer models provide critical data to understanding the physiopathology of cancer and evaluate novel therapeutic agents. They are a crucial bridge between research development and clinical trial.

Oncodesign Services offers a large collection of cancer models

Oncodesign Services is a CRO company that offer translational research services for preclinical drug discovery, with a particular focus in Oncology. Oncodesign Services offers a range of discovery & preclinical services built upon over 500 cancer models, covering 20 organ origins and up to 35 pathologies.

Some of the cancer models that Oncodesign Services offers include :

PDX CDX Orthotopic Metastatic
Humanized Syngeneic SMPT Organoid PDX


Tumor models

This diversity allows researchers to choose the most appropriate model or combination of models for their specific research need. We can also develop tailor-made cancer models, both in vitro and in vivo, to your needs.

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A multi-disciplinary teams of experts in oncology

Choosing Oncodesign Services for your cancer model selection allows you to access to :

  • Medicinal Chemistry capabilities : Oncodesign Services offers hit finding, hit-to-lead, lead optimization and preclinical development for your research programs.
  • Advanced imaging platform : Oncodesign Services offers advanced imaging technologies to visualize in real time tumor growth, treatment response and drug distribution
  • In vitro screening: Oncodesign Services offers both off-the-shell assays using commercial kits and in-house developed assays with customized reagent panels.
  • In vivo modelling: In vivo pharmacology is one of Oncodesign Services’ core strengths. We offer preclinical pharmacology services from all three of our locations.
  • PK/PD studies : Oncodesign Services is ability to conduct detailed pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies that provide critical insights into drug interaction with tumor and body.


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