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Biophysical and biochemical assays to support your drug discovery programs


Biophysics plays a crucial role in the early stages of drug discovery by identifying and characterizing  small molecules and biologics for specific targets. ZoBio, an associated company of Oncodesign Services, leverages their expertise in this field to provide custom biophysical assays.


Biophysical assay services for Drug Discovery

Biophysics is a branch of science that combines principles of physics and biology to understand biological systems at the molecular and cellular levels. It focuses on studying the physical properties and phenomena that govern biological processes, such as the structure and dynamics of molecules, interactions between molecules and how these interactions influence biological functions.

Indeed, biophysics can play a crucial role in across many stages of drug discovery by providing essential information about molecular targets, facilitating the identification of potential drug candidates and guiding the optimization of drug properties for improved therapeutic outcomes.

Your partner providing a broad range of biophysics expertise

ZoBio, a CRO based in Leiden (Netherland) and acquired by Oncodesign Services in 2023, has built a reputation for scientific excellence and innovation in the field of biophysics-based drug discovery. Their gene-to-lead capabilities include:

  • biophysical and functional assays
  • protein production
  • structural biology (crystallography, NMR & cryoEM)
  • fragment focused medicinal chemistry

With a deep understanding of biophysical methodologies, the scientific team not only offers precise data interpretation but also customized guidance on a biophysics cascade strategy and complementary approaches.

The biophysics expertise and innovation supports companies all along the drug discovery process, from hit identification to lead optimization enabling a wide variety of modes-of-action (inhibitor, activator, molecular glue etc).

Biophysical Platform

ZoBio provides state-of-the-art instrumentation in the field of biophysics:

  • Surface plasmon resonance (SPR)
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR): protein and ligand observed
  • A variety of label-free capabilities to determine: thermal stability, aggregation and complex formation

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An integrated offer from Hit to IND 



Oncodesign Services and ZoBio have together built a team of drug discovery experts to provide innovative solutions and accelerate your discovery process to deliver small molecule drug candidates. They work in an integrated, cross-disciplinary way to generate high quality hits and anticipate preclinical development issues.

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