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What is Integrated Drug Discovery?


Integrated drug discovery is an approach designed to increase the efficiency and success of developing new therapeutic solutions through various scientific fields. Drug discovery starts in the laboratory including in vivo testing and risk assessments, followed by preclinical research and drug development stages.

An Overview of Integrated Drug Discovery process

Integrated drug discovery service is an approach to developing new therapeutic solution that include biology, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and other scientific disciplines in combination with advanced technology. It requires a preclinical contract research organization that will provide expertise on aspects of the drug discovery process chain or the entirety of it. This includes workable time frames, logistics, and administrative costs while managing the drug target, lead identification, preclinical development, and clinical trial processes.


Stages of Integrated Drug Discovery program

The stages of integrated drug discovery project include target validation, hit identification, hit-to-lead, lead optimization, pre-clinical and ind-filling for clinical phase. Each stage of the drug discovery process has its own activities, which all relate to trialing the product, safety assessments, regulatory compliance, and other scientific purposes.

For example: target validation is one of the earliest processes in any drug discovery project. It covers the evaluation of the therapeutic efficacy and safety of candidate small molecules, involving full characterizations of a molecular target and its role in different therapeutic areas. The ultimate goal is to determine if said target is a suitable new drug candidate. Hit-to-lead, meanwhile, is two steps down the pipeline, following hit identification. It covers the selection and optimisation of lead compounds by evaluating their pharmacokinetics and dynamics–as well as their potential toxicity. Both stages require a suite of fully integrated solutions and highly experience personnel with experience in both in vitro and in vivo testing paradigms.


Applications of Integrated Drug Discovery

We’ve already mentioned that integrated drug discovery and its processes are crucial to the development of new therapeutic drugs and enabling patients to live an improved quality of life. Its applications are invaluable in researching and understanding diseases. The primary goal of integrated drug discovery services is to identify and develop novel drugs and gain market approval to treat various diseases effectively.

Drug discovery is necessary for developing new treatments that treat or manage diseases and disorders. It is also crucial to combat drug resistance by ensuring that patients have alternative treatment options if they are resistant to one therapeutic drug.

Oncodesign Services offers Integrated Drug Discovery solutions

Oncodesign Services is a contract research organization (CRO) dedicated to developing integrated drug discovery processes and playing a vital role in discovering new therapies to fight cancers and serious diseases. We offer a variety of services for every stage of the drug discovery process, from target identification in patient data to integrated drug discovery solutions in target validation.


DRIVE-IDDS: an Integrated Drug Discovery Services

DRIVE-IDDS is an integrated drug discovery premium service, DRug Integrative discoVEry, used from target validation to preclinical candidates. It’s suitable for new biological and new chemical entities and targeted radiopharmaceutical products. Our team of drug discovery experts provides these solutions to enhance your discovery process and the entire chain.

Oncodesign Services provide a range of integrated drug discovery services to support clients and reduce the timelines of bench to bedside. The benefits of partnering with Oncodesign Services include faster cycle times, access to expert support, a range of discovery capabilities, and innovative technologies.