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Cancer Drug development is a long process including drug discovery (find a promising candidate molecule), preclinical (first test when drug was found) and clinical studies (drug is tested in people) to demonstrate the efficacy of a new therapeutic molecule.


Cancer drug development steps

Where and how begins the drug development?

In drug discovery, the first step of cancer drug development is to identify and validate therapeutic targets for cancer treatments. For that, several approaches can be used:

  • Studying the biology of cancer cells, for example comparing the genes found in DNA and the growth patterns of cancer cells to healthy cells. We can also make drugs that can target specific genes found in the cancer (molecular radiotherapy).
  • Identifying potential therapeutic targets from patient data and with screening capabilities
  • Understanding the chemical structure of molecule with computational tools to mimic how a potential drug will interact with its target
  • Taking inspiration from the existing


What kind of assays are used during the cancer drug preclinical phase?

To deliver cancer drug candidate, a combination of assays needs to be conducted in the laboratory to demonstrate the drug’s efficacy and safety encompasses.  They can include in vitro biology, ADME / DMPK, in vivo pharmacology or pharmaco-imaging.

The challenges of modern cancer drug discovery rely on increasing throughput, minimizing timelines from bench to bedside while having a innovative proposition of treatment for patient. For that, be supporting by a CRO can lead to the success of your cancer drug discovery project.

Oncodesign Services, your trusted partner to development new drug against cancer

CRO specialized in Oncology since 1995, Oncodesign Services has been pioneering in translational pharmacology to study and treat cancer. We offer a full spectrum of cancer drug discovery services either as stand-alone projects or as part of integrated discovery and development programs.


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From Paris, Dijon, to Montreal, our extensive knowledge covers a wide in vivo pharmacological scope from syngeneic to xenograft including humanized models. Our capabilities respond to the growing need for proof of concept investigations for innovative therapeutic approaches and drugs in oncology and immune-oncology.

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