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Oncolytic Virus

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Provides preclinical services to progress oncolytic virus into the clinic


Oncolytic viruses (OVs) are used to destroy cancer cells and leverage the host immune system to enhance the effect. The mechanism involves using modified viruses to stimulate an immune response.

At Oncodesign Services, we have 30 years of experiences in oncology and we support companies in the development of new oncolytic viruses with in vitro and in vivo models.

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Oncolytic Virus Research


This approach is gaining traction in cancer treatment due to its ability to selectively target and destroy tumor cells along with reactivation of anti-cancer immune system. By engineering these viruses, we can reduce the likelihood of infecting healthy cells and enhance even better the immune system’s response against tumors.


OVs specifically enter and lyse cancer cells. Lysis delivers chemoattractant molecules and tumor antigens that activates dendritic cells and stimulate chemokines secretion. Innate and adaptative immune system are awaken and recruited to also participate actively in tumor regression and eventually metastasis elimination.


Viruses and cancers are numerous and each is unique. However a better comprehension of their functioning enabled to characterize distinct but also shared mechanisms used to evade the immune system and promote their own growth. Thus, many strategies taking advantage of each virus property and their gene expression capacity were coordinated to design oncolytic viruses (OVs) efficiently eliminating tumors and metastases.

Oncodesign Services supports the evaluation of new oncolytic viruses


At Oncodesign Services, we offer an extensive range of orthotopic and subcutaneous CDX and PDX tumor models, both rodent and human, for the investigation of the activity and mechanisms of OVs in syngeneic and humanized immune reconstituted models.

Our facilities are equipped to handle viruses under BSL2 and BSL3 conditions. We track their proliferative properties through imaging or direct quantitation, and assess their immune responses via flow cytometry or cytokine quantitation.

With three decades of experience and thousands of studies conducted, Oncodesign Services is well-equipped to support testing combinations with other treatments, including chemotherapy, immuno-oncology (such as ICIs, ADCs, BiTEs, CAR-T cells), or irradiation therapy, to enhance the efficacy of OVs.


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