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Discover a wide selection of preclinical inflammatory and autoimmune models


Oncodesign Services, a CRO specialized in Drug Discovery, offers a large collection of preclinical inflammation and autoimmune models, covering diseases of the skin, gut, lung, kidney, liver and more (fibrosis, psoriasis, colitis…).

With individual or integrated studies, we contribute to the discovery of innovatives therapies against inflammation diseases.

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A continuum of solutions for inflammation diseases drug development

◈ Immune cell phenotyping (FACS)
◈ T cell responses (ELISPOT, proliferation, FACS)
◈ In vivo pharmaco-imaging
◈ Gene biomarker expression monitoring

◈ Clinical monitoring and scoring
◈ Lung mechanical assessments (FlexiVent system – SCIREQ)
◈ Clinical biochemistry
◈ Organ histology
◈ Multiplex cytokine profiling

Over 30 inflammatory pathologies and disease addressed

It is critical to customize new models according to inflammatory diseases areas,  specific targets and drug of interest. Oncodesign Services is happy to provide new inflammation model development support for these kinds of specific requests.

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