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Cell therapy, including Natural Killer cell therapy, is an emerging field within biotherapeutics, offering potential treatments for cancers and autoimmune diseases. Oncodesign Services offer integrated services, from in vitro to in vivo studies, to support the development of new NK cell therapies.

Why use NK cell therapy in Drug Discovery?

In Drug Discovery, the NK cells are isolated from the animal (autologous) or a donor of the same species (allogeneic), expanded, and activated in the lab to boost their anti-tumor or anti-viral capabilities.

Once prepared, activated NK cells are reintroduced into the animal, recognizing and attacking target cells without prior exposure or antigen recognition. Their mechanism involves releasing cytotoxic granules to induce programmed cell death in the target or direct interaction with abnormal cells, making them a valuable component of immunotherapy.

What is Natural Killer (NK) cell therapy?

NK cell therapy is a form of cellular immunotherapy, which focus on leveraging the inherent capabilities of natural killer cells to bolster the body’s ability to combat cancer cells. They function as a versatile cellular tool capable of recognizing and destroying any abnormal-looking cells and offer potential advantages in terms of versatility and adaptability.

NK cell therapy is being researched and developed as a potential treatment for various types of cancers, including leukemia, lymphoma, and solid tumors. It is also explored in the context of viral infections. In the context of Preclinical Programs, the Natural Killer (NK) cell therapy involves conducting experiments and studies in laboratory settings using animal models before moving on to human clinical trials. This phase is crucial for assessing the safety, efficacy, and potential mechanisms of NK cell therapy.


NK cells therapy services | Oncodesign Services

Oncodesign Services, a leading CRO which provides customized NK cell-based assays


Oncodesign Services has 25 years of experience in Translational Pharmacology. We have developed NK cell assays that provide critical data to progress your oncology programs.

We bring comprehensive expertise and thought leadership to NK cell therapy development, such as:

  • Easy and rapid access to batches of human NK cells
  • Experience with super immunodeficient mice expressing human cytokine to support mouse reconstitution with human NK cells


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Case studies

1.In vitro assay for evaluating ADCC of antibodies

In vitro assay for evaluating ADCC of antibodies

  • Trastuzumab induced antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity against Her2 positive BT-474 cells (51Cr release assay).
  • This ADCC assay is implemented with frozen expanded NK cells (one donor, each condition in quadruplicate in this case) and target cells are treated with Isotype IgG1 or Trastuzumab at different doses


2. In vivo evaluation of NK cell therapy

In vivo evaluation of NK cell therapy

In vivo evaluation of NK cell therapy - 2


  • In vivo antitumor activity of NK cell therapy is demonstrated by a highly increased survival time of tumor bearing mice.
  • We investigated using NOG-hIL-15 mice reconstituted with frozen expanded NK cells (two donors, 3 mice/donor in this case) and IV implanted with hematologic tumor cells
  • Flow cytometry analysis evidenced the reconstitution of animals with human NK cells (see picture illustrating hCD45+ hCD3- hCD56+ cell population in spleen from humanized NOG-hIL-15 mouse)



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