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In vitro assays to support drug development


Our in vitro assays drive drug discovery from target identification to preclinical model selection, bridging the gap between lab testing and in vivo evaluation. We’re dedicated to selecting the best lead compounds and advancing them through optimal preclinical protocols.


In vitro assays services to support your drug discovery and preclinical development


At Oncodesign Services, we’re pioneers in scientific innovation, enhancing drug discovery through cutting-edge in vitro assays. We understand that high-quality in vitro data is vital for informed decisions throughout the drug development process.

Located across our two facilities in Dijon and Paris, our in vitro department comprises a team of 35 professionals, including 12 PhDs. Our state-of-the-art laboratories are equipped to handle BSL2 and BSL3 work, providing a range of comprehensive tests, including:


In vitro assays readouts

Biochemical and cell based functional assays (including the use of radioisotopes)

Phenotypic screen

Target identification – deconvolution – target validation

Metabolic – proliferation assays

Mechanistic assays: apoptosis, cell cycle, migration, invasion…

Clonogenic assays

Radiotherapeutic assays

Ex-vivo assays

In vitro Platform: cell-assay capabilities and experience with multiple biological samples.


In vitro department offers more than 300 cell lines covering 90% of human cancers as well as PDX derived sample (organoid).

Our in vitro platform offers :

In combination with our medicinal chemists, in vivo pharmacologists, and DMPK scientists, our integrated teams can accelerate your research program by seamlessly integrating compound flow and knowledge.


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